Misophonia Coping Strategies

Misophonia Coping StrategiesAlthough there is currently no known cure for misophonia, there are various ideas and suggestions around on how to manage the condition. In some cases, these may reduce the distressing symptoms, and in others help those affected deal with the feelings and reactions which an attack triggers.

Keep Believing

Research, ask questions, do whatever it takes to understand that this is a real condition and not a hysterical reaction – which is something some will still mistakenly have you believe. This knowledge will help you teach your friends and colleagues about it too. If your physician doesn’t support you, switch them out for someone who does, and do the same with friends. You need to stay focused and positive to have a decent quality of life.

Make the Most of White/Background Noise

Misophonia Coping StrategiesVarious apps and CDs are available which play background noise intended to [hopefully] block the frequency of sounds which trigger an attack. This approach can be used when wearing headphones while out and about too. Some people find having the radio or TV on in the background provides the same relief.

Manage Stress

Breathing exercises, along with meditation, are fabulous stress busters. Ideally, have someone with experience teach you, although there are lots of online resources. Sleep at regular times and get enough of it. If you struggle to sleep, resting can also work. Avoid sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol in excess quantities, indulging instead in fresh, colorful and tasty foods.

Carry Headphones or Earphones

Use resources like talking books, music, podcasts and the radio to create calm, joy and relaxation. Don’t be afraid to use them when you need to, though this may need to be explained or given permission for at work.

Create an Emergency Plan

Misophonia Coping StrategiesIf you are able to recognize triggers, and contain the resulting reactions for long enough to remove yourself, this will really help boost your confidence in managing misophonia. Having a fallback phrase which will let you exit the situation gracefully is a life saver. Use something like ‘Please excuse me, I must go to the restroom/get a drink of juice/get something from my desk’, or pretty much whatever works in your situation. Practice it enough to make it kick in automatically when you feel a meltdown approaching.

Living with misophonia isn’t always easy, but with these coping tips and techniques it can be managed.

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