2019 Treatment Options For Misophonia

According to 2019 research, misophonia and Autonomous sensory meridian response are very closely linked to one another. The latter, means experiencing a tingling sensation beginning from your scalp and moving down to your neck and upper spine. This feeling is in response to sounds as well. Surprisingly enough, some people find this feeling to be pleasurable, while others cannot stand the sounds that trigger this response, similar to what happens in misophonia.

Sentences like, ‘Please stop breathing so loudly; or chewing so loudly are very commonly used by people who suffer from misophonia. Not everybody they come across will understand, some may even breathe or chew louder out of mischief.

Misophonia Treatment Options in 2019

Trying out real treatment options to get rid of misophonia is now possible! Although it is true that wearing earplugs or headphones can help solve the issue but itis a temporary solution only. Behavioral therapy (CBT), is known to regulate your high sensitivity to sound. Music therapy, meditation and special organic sensory diet are all brilliant ideas for you to try and implement.

Moreover, there are recent options available as well. It is important to note that there is no medicinal drug available to cure Misophonia. So, if your doctor is prescribing you medicine, it is purely on experimental basis and he will warn you about that beforehand.

Self-help Techniques

Coping techniques that have helped a lot of people with misophonia include getting your mind clear, de-stressing and straightening your thoughts. This can only be done best if you seek professional help and consult a misophonia specialist. In addition to that, monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. Since misophonia tends to make your heart rate rise.

Drown-out Techniques

Another excellent technique is drowning out the irritating sounds around you. You can easily do that by installing ‘brown noise applications’ in your cell phone. Tech experts specially design these apps to drown out annoying and frustrating background noise that people with misophonia cannot stand. They do that by generating a static, fan-like sound which is called ‘brown’ sound. It helps minimize or even completely eliminate all disturbing background sounds. Oh, the perks of the digital age!

You Are Not Alone in This

In recent times, misophonia awareness has increased to a great extent. People now identify it as a condition and it is no more an irritation that has no name. As a result, people who have misophonia have joined together and made support groups and communities. They know your problem; they live with your problem and they too are looking for solutions to cope with the problem. Once you realize that there is a whole community that has the same issue as you, you will not feel like giving up. Such forums encourage members to share stories, tips and tricks with one another. These people will help you do something about your emotions and feelings of aggression and rage towards the origin of the triggering sounds.

Furthermore, sound proofing can be done. This is a rather expensive option but if you suffer from extreme misophonia then sound proofing your living space is worth the investment. Special misophonia sound proof doors are available that help absorb sound and reduce echoing. Another thing that you can do is, place thick layers of foam at the back areas of large paintings and frames at your place and hang them on your walls. This will also help reduce and absorb sound to a great extent.

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