Misophonia Prognosis

When you receive a misophonia prognosis, you quickly learn that it cannot be treated with medication. Misophonia is a feeling of annoyance and discomfort towards specific sounds. Sufferers feel extremely negative about those sounds and often find themselves feeling helpless when it comes to looking for solutions. While there is no medication available as a treatment option, 80% of sufferers can find relief via non pharmaceutical treatments.

The term Prognosis refers to “forecasted outcomes of a disease or disorder”. In simple words, the chances of recovery.

Causes of Misophonia

There is no single known cause of Misophonia but doctors who have monitored brain reactions towards the sounds have come up with the conclusion that the central nervous system of the sufferer’s brain tends  misinterpret the sounds causing auditory sensitivity. Also, the sounds affect the part of the brain that is responsible to process emotions hence, the irritated and aggressive reactions.

However, another cause maybe that the person has suffered from a lot of emotional abuse and noisy fights, yelling and bad relationships in the past. This struggle can add to their hatred  and negative feelings towards sounds. This causes little or no tolerance towards sounds and leads to outburst.

Misophonia Prognosis

Good news is that, many health professionals think that it can be cured using ways other than medication to drown out noise. If not completely cure, sufferers can develop tolerance or reduce their symptoms using these ways.

Treatment options typically include CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy which has proven to be very helpful. CBT therapists focus on reconstructing and fixing thought patterns. They get patients to talk their feelings out completely so that their thoughts can be processed. It is very commonly used to treat other disorders also. Disorders such as depression, anxiety and addiction. The ultimate goal of the CBT therapist is to play with the patients mind and straighten their thinking which will eventually lead to greater tolerance towards sounds they earlier used to find immensely frustrating. Another therapy option, which is similar to CBT, is Tinnitus Retaining Therapy, TRT it also helps straighten ones messed up thought patterns.

Moreover, joining a support group is also extremely helpful. It will make the sufferer realize that he is not fighting with this condition alone and sharing of tips and tricks can also be done.

There may be complications if you don’t pay heed to your misophonia symptoms on time. If you continue to ignore them they can intensify and bother you more. Also, most misophoniacs end up having bad social lives because they skip important social gatherings in order to avoid irritating sounds. Isolating yourself and not letting yourself grow is not an option. If you feel that this issue needs medical attention then you must go see a misophonia specialist immediately. Anything that hinders your social and interpersonal interactions is not healthy for your personal growth.

Truth is that there are relief options and treatment options available so don’t give up or lose hope. Most doctors say that 80% of sufferers usually end up finding relief which is great. In addition to that, future options will also be very effective because as the awareness about misophonia increases, so does its scientific research. For instance, the use of behind the ear projectors to drown out background noise is a great discovery. Therefore, you don’t need to worry, all you need to do is seek medical help from a Misophonia specialist. Schedule your appointment with the best Misophonia specialist in NYC today.


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