Does Misophonia Affect Your Quality of Life?

Misophonia is a disorder where you find common, everyday sounds utterly irritating such as pen clicking, chewing, gum popping, etc. clicking of pens, chewing, etc. These sounds trigger anxiety, panic, and even anger in the Misophones. Being a sufferer of Misophonia, you feel an urge to stop the ambient noise that is damaging to your wellbeing, and that can affect your life in a number of ways.

Extreme Reactions

A health condition that has more to do with the mind than anything else is just as daunting – clicking sounds and loud chewing can critically annoy you, and you may lash out at the person. However, it is important to understand that it isn’t his fault; you may end up fighting with your best friend who may accidentally make a noise you hate. You see, you need to muster every bit of strength to cope with the problem and avoid lashing out at everybody. Moreover, there are risks of extreme negative reactions are associated with a Misophode.

Physical Effects

You may not believe this, but one of the most daunting factors associated with the illness is that it can physically affect your body as well. It is observed that during a Misophode, you produce physical effects as well such as tense or clenched muscles, which can lead to increased blood pressure levels; pressure in arms and chest, sweaty palms etc. These effects are troubling and can adversely impact your health.


Being a Misophone, you can encounter factors that trigger your Misophonia within your social circle. For instance, if constant sniffling or chewing sound makes you disgusted then it becomes difficult for you to spend quality time with your family or friends. You will prefer to minimize your interactions, which will force you to spend more time alone. Misophonia is a misunderstood health illness and people in your surroundings will expect you to not react in a certain way while having Misophode. The condition gets worse when you are unable to get support.

Increase Stress Levels

Risk of increased stress levels is always associated with Misophonia as you have an idea about which noise will trigger Misophonia in you. For instance, you feel irritated by the sound of a clicking pen, it will become difficult for you to focus on your studies while you’re in class – which will lead to more stress build-up. Moreover, while having food with family, your mind will be focused on the chewing sound rather than enjoying a quality time with your family. These are the common factors associated with Misophonia that contribute to increased stress levels.

A Distinctive Illness

You may have seen people having a problem with a certain noise because Misophonia is a common illness, but it is extremely difficult to understand. People find it absurd that how you can feel irritated when someone is munching on crackers. This is why most people with Misophonia prefer to suffer in silence.

Bottom Line

There are risks that Misophonia can affect the quality of your life as you are forced to leave a group of people only because they produce a certain sound that makes you anxious. To get rid of this troubling illness, schedule an appointment immediately for Misophonia treatment in New York.

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