5 Famous Misophonia Sufferers

Many ordinary people who live with misophonia in their daily lives find it difficult to feel confident about themselves and their abilities, or struggle to build and maintain relationships, so learning that some famous people have misophonia too can be extremely inspiring.

There is growing evidence of a link between creativity and misophonia, so it makes sense that writers, artists and musician are more prone to developing this condition than others. Here we look at six of them.

5 Famous Misophonia Sufferers

Kelly Osbourne: TV Celebrity/Presenter

Kelly Osbourne recently publicly revealed her experiences with misophonia for the first time, talking openly at an award ceremony about how her extreme reaction to the noises people eating near her make were not taken seriously by friends. Getting an official diagnosis was a relief, and Kelly is learning to cope by actively removing herself from trigger situations.

Kelly Ripa: Actress

Another famous name to come forward and speak openly, Kelly’s particular trigger relates to the sound of chewing, causing her to want to scream when her kids chewed gum. Like Kelly Osbourne she is keen on adopting coping techniques to manage her life.

Melanie Lynskey: Actress

An award winning performer since the age of 16, this star of Two and a Half Men describes the condition as overpowering, as if particular noises simply wipe out all other brain activity. Her father also has misophonia, which isn’t surprising as a genetic link is thought to be very likely.

Anton Chekov: Author

Marcel Proust: AuthorThere isn’t much information about his particular riggers, but Chekov was known to complain a lot about noise in general, and he preferred to be alone wherever possible.

Franz Kafka: Author

Franz Kafka coped with misophonia by choosing solitude where possible, and is said to have worked through the night and slept in the day. Still, although this seems like a good way to avoid many of the everyday noises other people make it must have been quite lonely too.

Marcel Proust: Author

Marcel Proust: AuthorThis French author took no chances on being exposed to annoying sounds – he simply covered his bedroom walls with cork and made sure he was wearing earplugs too. This seems drastic but it obviously worked for him.

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  1. Popping gum bothers me, but I can escape that. Bass music bothers me and now days it is hard to escape. The amount of bass in music has increased. It’s everywehre. It’s causing me problems.

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