What Is Tinnitus Retaining Therapy for Misophonia?

What Is Tinnitus Retaining Therapy for Misophonia?For those people who suffer from Misophonia, finding a cure is very important. This condition is one that can worsen over time and while it may not cause physical disabilities or illness, it can lead to mental health concerns in many people. As a result, it is important to seek out at treatment for this condition when symptoms are mild to severe. With the help of our LCSW-R in New York City, you can gain more information and resources to help you overcome your Misophonia.

What is Tinnitus Retaining Therapy?

What Is Tinnitus Retaining Therapy for Misophonia?

Misophonia is a condition in which individuals feel a strong dislike or worse symptoms to a particular sound. Tinnitus, which is a condition known as ringing in the ears, can sometimes be the sound that bothers individuals. Additionally, tinnitus retraining therapy, a treatment used to treat tinnitus, can often help those who experience a dislike for other sounds as well. Not everyone will see benefits from this type of treatment, but many can benefit from it.

In the treatment, a device is placed behind the ear. It is small and works much like a hearing aide. The device has a tube that runs into the inner ear, so it can deliver sound to that area. The sound delivered is generally white noise or other types of sound therapy. The sound, over time, helps the brain to stop focusing on the sound it does not like and instead allows it to make that unpleasant sound less noticeable. This device does not limit your hearing and it does not require long term use. Over time, it can help to change the perception your brain has of the sound you dislike.

It is important to turn to a trusted professional for care of Misophonia. You should seek out care from a trained professional who uses tinnitus retraining therapy on other patients who have this condition. It is not the most common treatment for Misophonia but some people have reported benefits from using it. What’s important to remember is that Misophonia often has numerous types of treatment options available.

What Is Tinnitus Retaining Therapy for Misophonia?When you come in to see our LCSW-R in New York City, we’ll work with you to better understand your conditions and symptoms. We can then help you determine what type of treatment may be best for your individual needs. With treatment, you may be able to overcome the symptoms you have.

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