Most Common Misophonia Trigger Sounds

What are the most common misophonia trigger sounds? People suffering from misophonia develop oversensitive ears to certain sounds. They can’t hold their emotions while hearing the triggering sound which often causes a negative reaction. Since normal people can’t feel any difference hearing the sound, they can’t understand the level of irritation. Various people suffering from misophonia have different triggers.

Most Common Misophonia Trigger Sounds

For some people tapping a pen can be a trigger, while for others it would be normal. Similarly, others will find chewing irritating, but others don’t even notice the chewing sound. The triggering sound is so painful for the people that they get into a fight or flight situation.Whether they will leave the room or show their anger.

Common Misophonia Triggers

People with misophonia have different triggers for certain sounds. Among all the triggering sounds, chewing food is a common trigger. Crunching, slurping, and taping are also common triggers with the same reaction as scratching chalk on the blackboard.

Many misophonia triggering sounds are those made by the human body. But, some triggers are annoying because of the inanimate objects such as the whirring of a motor or clicking on the remote control. However, the level of toleration and severity is not as similar. However, when people with misophonia produce the same noise, they don’t feel any irritation.

Triggering sounds vary from person to person. The reaction to the trigger might increase or change or time. Even the reaction and tolerance from one specific sound to another might change. So, it is hard to identify what sound can be triggering for you.The common triggering sound for misophonia patients is oral sounds. Here are some examples:

  • Slurping
  • Crunching or chomping
  • Loud breathing
  • Swallowing
  • Lip-smacking
  • Throat clearing

Besides oral sounds, there is a wide range of other triggers as well, which include:

  • Writing sounds
  • Clock ticking
  • Pen clicking
  • Mechanical clicking and humming
  • Paper or fabric rustling
  • Shoes scuffing
  • The chirping of crickets or birds
  • Nail clipping or filling
  • The clinking of silverware or glasses
  • Animal grooming sounds

Most Common Misophonia Trigger Sounds | Treatment

Many people also experience extreme responses to visual triggers. Some examples of visual triggers are:

  • Nose rubbing
  • Feet or legs wagging or jiggling
  • Chewing motion or lips moving
  • The twirling of pen or hair
  • Chewing with an open mouth

If you are suffering from misophonia, you might develop extreme emotions when you listen to the sound of these triggers. Since there are a plethora of triggers, you might have a different reaction to various sounds. Keep in mind that making the same triggering sound yourself won’t provoke your emotions. Thus, many people use this as a technique to cope with the condition. They mimic the sound to reduce their reaction.

Misophonia Treatment

Misophonia is not a life threatening condition, but it can disrupt your daily life. But, you can learn to cope with the symptoms. There isn’t a permanent treatment for the condition, but specialists can reduce the symptoms by combining various treatment methods. Many professionals recommend a hearing aid that plays natural sounds such as a waterfall in the background. The sound reduces your triggers and reactions to triggering sounds. The doctor will also recommend other treatments such as:

Coping with misophonia improves your quality of life and helps you manage stress. After the treatment, you will notice a significant improvement in your sleep cycle.

Most Common Misophonia Trigger Sounds: Conclusion

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