NYC Misphonia Treatment Expert Discusses How to Manage Sound Sensitivity.

How to Manage Sound Sensitivity on a Daily Basis

sound-sensitivity-issues-misophonia-01Dealing with issues related to sound sensitivity is never fun, especially if it’s a persistent problem that manifests itself on a regular basis and is triggered by a variety of factors in your daily life. For some people, living with a condition like this can be downright dangerous due to the circumstances in which they are triggered, making it especially important to explore different coping mechanisms early on. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with tinnitus, misophonia or something else – you have a lot of potential control over the situation, and you must make use of it.

Isolate the Annoying Bits

chewing-sounds-sensitivity-misophonia-03If you can wear earplugs in environments that regularly trigger your irritations, it’s probably best to get used to doing that from as early as possible. Noise-cancelling headphones are another good option commonly used by people dealing with misophonia, although be careful that you don’t push things in the other direction – it can be easy to get carried away with a pair of powerful headphones and adding tinnitus on top of your pre-existing conditions is the last thing you want to do.


Explain Your Condition to People

sound-sensitivity-problems-misophonia-02If you’re dealing with something like misophonia, it can severely affect your relationships with others, especially if you have a stronger case of the condition that results in greater irritation and even potential physical outbursts. Not everyone understands what misophonia is, and the same goes for all related conditions that many people around us suffer from on a daily basis. Take your time to explain what you’re feeling to the people in your life so that they can be more understanding. Maybe someone will disagree and claim that you’re faking it, but that will only reveal things about that person that you were not aware of before.

Get Proper Help

best-treatment-misophonia-nyc-04If you want to maximize your chances of treating the condition successfully and bringing some peace back into your daily life, you have to get the problem addressed with the help of medical professionals as early as possible. Misophonia can quickly become much more problematic than it initially is, and delaying your treatment is one of the worst things you could do.



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