Does Tinnitus Treatment Work for Misophonia Sufferers?

Misophonia is an uncontrollable hatred of a certain noise. A person found a particular sound of clicking pen or chewing food utterly irritating that it enraged him or put him under severe stress. This is indeed a complicated health condition that involves your psychological health as well. Moreover, experts have indicated that the tinnitus treatment is likely to be effective when it comes to assisting sufferers of misophonia.

A Chronic Disorder


Misophonia occurs in early childhood, and due to its ambiguous nature, it misunderstands greatly. Along with the increase in hatred of sound, a person also starts developing stress, anxiety, and aggression levels. And if not treated on time, can continue throughout your life affecting your psychological health. This is why experts have considered it a chronic disorder and emphasized on taking precautions in this regard.

What happens in Misophonia?

misophoniaWhen misophonia triggers in a person, his anxiety and stress levels get increased. He wants to stop the noise as it hurts the sufferer physically. The condition is rare hence people rarely understand what a sufferer goes through. Moreover, in severe cases, a patient gets enraged and starts reacting to the sound such as verbal abuses or fights. The disorder contains damaging effects on the psychological health that lead a sufferer towards suicidal attempts. Concerning the situation, experts are eagerly finding effective ways to treat misophonia on early levels.

Tinnitus Treatment for Misophonia

What is Tinnitus?

misophoniaTinnitus is a disorder where you can hear high pitch ringing in one or both ears. It is indeed an utterly irritating illness that has a potential to affect the quality of your life. During the condition, tinnitus ranges from intense to mild ringing. Moreover, constant ringing can impact on your sleep patterns adversely. This condition can contribute to your psychological health as well. However, the disorder can be treated effectively, and people stop hearing constant high pitch ringing.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)

The treatment – tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) has proved to be effective for the treatment of misophonia. The therapy was first introduced by psychological Pawel J. Jastreboff who termed misophonia as well. Moreover, combined with cognitive behavioral and sound therapy, it can improve the condition of misophonia sufferer. In tinnitus therapy, music or some pleasant sound expose to the sufferer’s ear canal. Later, the patient is encouraged to develop positive associations with the exposed sounds. They also practice dealing with triggering sounds via intentional rethinking of the ambient noise. This therapy helps develop tolerance regarding the sounds or noises that accelerate misophonia in the sufferers.

Moreover, experts also suggest opting for noise impeding solutions. This approach does more damage than providing relieve by making your auditory system more sound sensitive. Apart from this, it will neither allow you to tolerate misophonia triggering noise and nor it will improve your psychological health. With the help of tinnitus retraining therapy, you can work on both aspects.

Bottom Line

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