How to Tell Friends and Family about Your Misophonia

If you have decided to tell family and friends you have misophonia, chances are it’s a decision that took a long time to make. Many people with the condition have already struggled for an age to have medical personnel take them seriously, so are naturally reluctant to face the same battles all over again – and with people they care about to boot.

Where to Start?

This largely depends on your circumstances. If you were diagnosed (or showing major symptoms) from 9 or 10, which is common, chances are what you tell them won’t be a huge surprise. You may even already have parents and siblings who are fully aware, and be just looking at telling more distant relatives.

Facing the Fears

If your symptoms appeared and a diagnosis was given later in life, but you haven’t actually told anyone yet it is worth thinking about the fears and worries which surround taking this step. While you cannot make people react the way you’d like, (supportive, understanding, positive), or totally understand your situation, the fear of rejection or ridicule can be punishing.

Bear in mind that while you are concerned about people not believing you or offering the care you need, those being told may worry about letting you down, or be unable to comprehend the science behind it.

Prepare Well

Considering that responses may be based on fears equal to, albeit different from, your own means it is well worth investing some time in preparing properly for the big reveal. Decide who to tell first, obviously avoiding those who you recognize as being triggers if at all possible

You can explain through talking, or if you feel more comfortable write a letter. It’s okay to ask some people to explain your condition to others, especially if they are talking to those on the periphery of your life.

Be Honest

It’s best to say upfront what you want to get across and how you want people to deal with you. If you’d prefer it wasn’t mentioned in group situations then say that, but if your door is open for questions and discussions then that is fine too.

It isn’t easy to share news of a lifelong condition of any kind with those closest to you, especially when it is not well known, so plan to do it in the way you find most comfortable.

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