Misophonia Trigger: Do You Hate the Sound of Chewing?

Do you hate the sound of chewing? The best moments for many people’s life is having dinner with their families. However, for some people, dinner time with family can feel like a burden, not because they are introverted. Instead, they may suffer from a condition called misophonia.

Hate the Sound of Chewing?

In this condition, people cannot tolerate the sound of gulping, chewing, and crunching. These sounds trigger their anxiety and make them angry. If you have a similar reaction when someone chews food nearby, you should visit a doctor for misophonia treatment.

What is Misophonia?

Misophonia is a condition wherein people develop strong and negative feelings when they hear certain noise. These sounds actas triggers for them, causing them to react. A person with misophonia might fight when they hear the noise. Their brain sends signals to the body to immediately stop the sound. That is why they hate the sound of chewing. There are a plethora of sound triggers that can irritate. These sounds can be so annoying to put you in fight or flight condition.

Current Biology published research with 42 participants to understand how their response to certain sounds. Among these participants, there were 20 misophonia patients, while 22 people were normal. Researchers found that misophonia patients found the common sound triggers irritating. Meanwhile, other participants were normal when they hear the same sound.

Hate the Sound of Chewing? How to Cope

Noise sensitivities act similar to depression and anxiety and the patient reacts to stop the source from producing the sound. As a result, they show extreme emotions to people in their surroundings. Fixing this problem is not possible, but you can try various techniques to deal with the triggering sounds. Here are some ways to reduce the effects of misophonia:

1.     Don’t Feel Overprotective

When you try hard to avoid the triggering sound, it will grab your attention. Therefore, avoidance is not a solution; in fact,it will increase your concentration to notice the sound. The best solution is to divert your mind towards other tasks and act normal.

2.     Strategically Listen to the Triggers

You can reduce the effect of triggers by systematically exposing yourself to the sound. You will find this strategy relaxing and helpful to develop mindfulness skills. When your brain and ear develop a habit to ignore the sound, you won’t even remember you have misophonia.

Hate the Sound of Chewing? | Best Misophonia Treatment

3.     Consult with a Medical Professional

A doctor can help control your emotions towards triggering sounds by using various techniques. Visit an experienced doctor to reduce your anxiety disorders. These disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder can be underlying conditions for misophonia. CBT and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy are major misophonia treatments that your doctor might recommend.

4.     Reduce Stress

Some people develop misophonia because they suffer from stress and anxiety. If stress is causing triggering sounds, you should try mindfulness techniques to cope with it. Relaxing techniques such as yoga can also act as a treatment for misophonia.

5.     Get Support

You can find many online groups and forums where you can discuss your triggers and symptoms. Experts in these groups will share effective techniques to deal with this misophonia. But, make sure that you connect with productive and effective groups.

Hate the Sound of Chewing? Conclusion

If you hate the sound of chewing to the extent where it triggers your fight or flight response, you should contact the Misophonia Cognitive Center and consult with a professional. Stephen Geller Katz LCSW is a 30 year experienced specialist in sound disorders. Dr. Katz will evaluate your condition and prescribe effective treatment so you can better tolerate the noise of chewing.

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