Because the Cause Is Unknown Treatment for Misophonia Is Difficult

Because the Cause Is Unknown Treatment for Misophonia Is DifficultMisophonia is a difficult to treat condition. This condition does not produce physical signs or symptoms. It does not often have many details to the development or cause of the condition either. In short, not much is known about why some people develop this condition. And, the long term is of a person with Misophonia isn’t fully understood either since many doctors are just starting to treat it. Yet, even as difficult as it is, individuals with this condition need treatment. With the help of a trained LCSW-R in New York City, you may be able to gain some insight and help.

Understanding the Cause

The term Misophonia means “hatred of sounds.” That is specifically what this condition is. Individuals have a specific dislike or hatred towards a specific sound. It was not until more recently that it was recognized in medical literature as being a true psychiatric condition. Medically, it is described as a decreased tolerance to sound. It can lead to severe reactions in some people. But, why does it happen?

There is no single known cause for this condition. In many cases, researchers believe people develop this condition as a result of some type of central nervous system impact. This includes your brain and spinal cord and how they communicate with the rest of your body. The disorder can stem from an increase in the hearing pathways present in this system of the body. And, in some people, it may be brought on by high levels of anxiety or depression. This can link these sounds to an emotional response in some people. This may be related to some type of trauma that individual experienced.

Treating Misophonia

Because the Cause Is Unknown Treatment for Misophonia Is DifficultBecause this condition is so complex, your doctors will work with you to better understand the types of symptoms you have and the type and severity of any reactions you have. When they do this, they can better understand the best treatment option. For some people, talk therapy or cognitive behavior therapy is the best course of treatment. For other people, it may be the use of medications or sound therapy.

Because this condition is so hard to treat, it is important to seek out a well trained and experienced professional with a great deal of treatment opportunity for this condition. When you work with the best LCSW-R in New York City, you’ll get more of the help you need.

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