Why You Need Misophonia Treatment: Possible Complications

Why You Need Misophonia Treatment: Possible ComplicationsMisophonia treatment is important to your wellbeing if you suffer from this condition. For some people, it may not seem like a necessary type of treatment – after all, it may be something you can tolerate and deal with without more advanced care. For other people, that is a very dangerous road to be on. When you meet with your LCSW-R in New York City, you’ll talk about the way Misophonia interacts with and plays a role in your life. The underlying goal will be to fully understand what this condition is doing to you and what the long-term outcome could be.

What Can Go Wrong?

Some people suffer from severe Misophonia. In these individuals, the reaction to specific sounds impacts many facets of their life. That includes their ability to interact with others, their ability to focus on tasks, and their thought patterns. Some people develop severe anxiety and depression from untreated or uncontrolled Misophonia. These conditions can lead to life threatening outcomes for some people. These are the most common side effects or complications that can arise from having this condition and not getting effective treatment for it.

Some types of additional complications include:

  • Defensive or aggressive reactions to sounds that are disliked
  • Changes in their life to avoid those types of sounds and experiences
  • Avoiding socialization with family and friends
  • Not sleeping in the same room as a spouse
  • Developing poor relationships with employment or school
  • Complications that lead to alcohol or other types of abusive responses
  • Developing symptoms that impact overall mental health

And, for those with the most severe form, developing depression with suicidal thoughts
Anyone that has a loved one with Misophonia may be unable to notice these potential outcomes at first. However, for those with more serious forms of this condition, it can escalate quickly and leave families trying to find the best possible treatment option out there. Most people, nearly 80 percent of those with the condition, will experience a significant amount of improvement from their symptoms if they seek out proper treatment for them.

You do not have to suffer. You do not have to wait until your symptoms become severe. Instead, seek out treatment for Misophonia from your doctor right away and discuss what your treatment options are to fit your needs. To do this, schedule a consultation with the best LCSW-R in New York City.

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