Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy Help with Misophonia?

Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy Help with MisophoniaMisophonia is a type of condition in which people greatly dislike a specific sound. There are various causes to this condition, but often that cause is unknown. For some people, the sound is easily avoided and the distraction is nothing more than an annoyance. For other people, the sound can be so damaging to their mental health that it can lead to negative thoughts and impact day to day life. With the help of an LCSW-R in New York City, you may learn more about treatment options for this condition including the use of cognitive behavior therapy.

What Is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

This type of therapy focuses on specific aspects. For example, it focuses on the negative thoughts that you have that contribute to anxiety or other outcomes. The behavior component of this therapy focuses on the way you behave or react to the situation or sound that causes the anxiety to occur. In short, when you seek out care for Misophonia and you use cognitive therapy for it, you will learn how to control your thoughts so that the sound you hear is not determining how you feel.

Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy Help with Misophonia?More specifically, it is generally the thoughts a person has about something – including a sound that they hear, that leads to the outcome they have. With Misophonia, this can range from anxiety to more invasive, negative thought patterns. The underlying cause, then, is to understand the relationship of what is happening so that you can begin to have better control over your life.

We’ll work with you to get a better understanding of what is causing your negative thoughts. Then, the goal is to teach you how to change those thoughts about the situation – whether it is the cause of your Misophonia or the condition itself, so that you will feel better and act better. It is possible for people who suffer from Misophonia to learn how to control the way they feel and keep calm even when they are experiencing a sound that is very much interfering with their daily actions. You can learn to change or even unlearn the learned behavior you have in relation to that sound. As a result, you feel better.

Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy Help with Misophonia?Misophonia is often treated with cognitive behavior therapy because it is highly effective. However, it takes time and a person that is dedicated and knowledgeable about the condition to make that possible. When you visit our LCSW-R in NYC, you’ll get that help.

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