Is Misophonia a Form of Anxiety? Will Treating Anxiety Help?

Is Misophonia a Form of Anxiety? Will Treating Anxiety Help?Suffering from any type of medical condition can be frustrating and hard to manage. For a condition like Misophonia, which is not fully understood nor easy to treat, it can be even harder to overcome this condition. Misophonia is a condition in which people dislike or even hate a specific sound. When they hear that sound, it causes a negative, and sometimes very bad, reaction. When this occurs, individuals need help and treatment. But, what type of treatment is best for it?

Is Misophonia the Same as Anxiety?

Is Misophonia a Form of Anxiety? Will Treating Anxiety Help?It is not a good idea to label Misophonia as anxiety for several reasons. First, this condition can produce anxiety in individuals when the trigger sound is heard. In short, the sound creates the anxiety in these individuals. On the other hand, some people who have anxiety at severe levels may develop Misophonia whenever they have an anxiety episode or attack. In other words, it can be caused by or the result of anxiety. However, it is not specifically anxiety because people can have many types of reactions that stem beyond just what traditional anxiety is. That’s important for people to understand when seeking out care for this condition.

Then, What Is It?

Because it is so hard to understand, doctors often can question the underlying cause and the symptoms significantly. Could Misophonia be a neurological problem, one in which the brain and central nervous system do not communicate properly? Could this condition be a psychiatric one, where it is just the perception of the sound that causes the flare up? And, in still other cases, it may be possible to label this condition as an auditory disorder in which the pathways or functionality of the ear is what is causing the resulting reaction.
Doctors do not fully understand this condition and there is no cure for it. However, as many as 80 percent of the people who seek out treatment for Misophonia will see some marked level of improvement in their symptoms according to some research. It is for this reason that individuals with this condition should always get treatment.

Is Misophonia a Form of Anxiety? Will Treating Anxiety Help?When you work with the best LCSW-R in New York City, you get the level of help and support you need to overcome this condition and to get back to living the quality of life you had. Seek out care that’s right for you.

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