Misophonia Treatment – Introduction

Welcome to my blog!

stephen-geller-katz-lcsw-r-misophonia-treatment-nycMy name is Stephen Geller Katz and I have and over the last 7 years I have developed a highly successful therapy for misophonia which I have named Misophonia Cognitive Retraining Therapy or MCRT.

Mission Statement

This blog’s mission is to provide you with hope and optimism. Maybe you have been told there is nothing you can do about misophonia or that you just have to get used to it.

I am telling you right now that there is plenty you can do and you don’t have to just get used to it.

what-is-misophonia-best-treatment-nycIf you have found my site it was probably no accident. You are definitely desperate to get some help for this disturbing condition. The good news is that there is hope. My therapy has been successful in helping countless sufferers of tinnitus to lower the volume and intensity and as well as decrease the depression and anxiety that accompany and team up to actually feed the tinnitus.

Many people who come to me are desperate for hope and are even more stressed by the “doom and gloom” they encounter on the internet and from many of their doctors. It’s this type of negative information that makes people feel helpless and even increases the tinnitus symptoms.

This site will be a resource for those suffering from this difficult condition.  We will post misophonia related information and articles here regularly.  For those looking for treatment, please call me for a free consultation at 646-585-2251.

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  1. Seeking help in this area, I called and left my phone number. Would be happy to speak regarding how this help. So many people have no idea how limiting it is to avoid hearing certain sounds.

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