Misophonia Treatment

How Can Misophonia Be Treated?

top-misophonia-treatment-specialist-nyc-ny-01Once a person has identified that they are suffering from misophonia, seeking treatment usually doesn’t take too long to follow through. It’s one of the more annoying and unpleasant conditions a person can live with on a daily basis, and in some cases,  individuals have described it as unbearable. There is no solid treatment route that’s guaranteed to get rid of the condition in every person, and in fact, resolving it for good is a tricky task. A large part of misophonia treatment procedures focus on addressing the symptoms and helping the patient live their lives normally despite the condition.

Identify Your Triggers

Misophonia is usually triggered by different events in people that suffer from it, and there is no standard list of irritating factors that could lead to an unpleasant sensation. In some cases, the patient may even be unaware of the majority of factors that contribute to the condition, making it important to pay attention to one’s daily health and wellbeing. It can often be helpful to keep a diary or some other type of log that tracks your daily life, pointing out the specific moments when your misophonia was triggered.

Block Out the Annoying Sounds

Once you know what types of sounds affect your condition and make things worse, the next step most people take is to block them out and give themselves some peace during the important hours of the day. Noise cancelling headphones can help a lot, although care must be taken to stay alert about your surroundings with the headphones on, in order to prevent an incident from occurring due to your inattentive status. In addition, high-end headphones can also predispose towards listening to music at dangerous volume levels, which can further contribute to harmful conditions in the future.

Consider Professional Treatment

professional-treatment-for-misophonia-problems-new-york-02It’s also important to reach out for proper help once you’ve identified the condition and have tried some simple remedies. Modern medicine can do a lot to help you manage the pain and get on with your daily life with a minimal level of interference – but it’s still up to you to take the first step and seek out professional help.


If you’re in need of assistance with your misophonia and want to ensure that you’ll be treated by the best specialists in NYC, give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment to figure out the best possible course of treatment for your specific circumstances.

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