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Are you Suffering from any of these symptoms as a result of Misophonia? Call today for a Consultation. Mild to severe anxiety Rage or Anger Triggered fight or flight Depression Negative thinking Crying spells Hopelessness Suicidal thoughts Avoidance of people or places Moderate to severe anxiety triggered by chewing sounds, including: Nail clipping  Brushing teeth… Continue Reading

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Do Certain Sounds Make you Angry?

Do certain sounds make you angry? Do you become anxious, irritated, or angry when you hear familiar sounds? If so, there is a good chance that you have misophonia. This condition is a lot more than becoming annoyed at certain sounds. Individuals with this condition often suffer from high levels of emotional and mental distress,… Continue Reading

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT for Misophonia

Many people these days are using cognitive behavioral therapy CBT for misophonia treatment. People who suffer from misophonia dislike certain sounds to the extent of having angry reactions to them. Eating and breathing sounds are common misophonia triggers, along with sighing, slurping, sucking, clearing throat, swallowing, smacking lips, yawning, etc. That said, the sound triggers… Continue Reading

All About Misophonia: Symptoms & Treatments

What are the main symptoms and treatments of misophonia? Misophonia is a condition where an individual can feel very uncomfortable because of various small and everyday sounds. They can strongly react to things like someone breathing or chewing too loudly. Source The condition is rare enough that hearing about it for the first time can… Continue Reading

What is Severe Phonological Disorder?

Severe phonological disorder is a speech disorder highly common in young boys. In this condition, children are unable to organize sounds in a proper pattern. Their brain either excludes a sound in a word or disarranges the words. Also, they cannot pronounce the correct sounds of words. (Source) For instance, when children are learning to… Continue Reading

What is Misophonia?

Do you feel like certain sounds manipulate your emotions and lead to aggressive reactions? If yes, then you might have misophonia, a disorder and syndrome developed from a strong hatred or dislike of specific sounds. In this post, you will learn about this condition and its symptoms. (Source) What is Misophonia? Misophonia is not a… Continue Reading

Most Common Misophonia Trigger Sounds

What are the most common misophonia trigger sounds? People suffering from misophonia develop oversensitive ears to certain sounds. They can’t hold their emotions while hearing the triggering sound which often causes a negative reaction. Since normal people can’t feel any difference hearing the sound, they can’t understand the level of irritation. Various people suffering from… Continue Reading

What is Misophonia Retraining Therapy?

What is misophonia retraining therapy? Due to the lack of extensive scientific studies and research, there is still a need to know more about Misophonia. It is a sound sensitivity disorder that refers to intolerance in response to certain sounds, i.e., trigger sounds. There are many cases where Misophonic people lash out at others when… Continue Reading

Possible Causes of Misophonia

What are the possible causes of misophonia? Misophonia is irritation and annoyance from repeated noises such as sniffing, tapping, and chewing. In simple words, it is a condition where patients have negative reactions after hearing certain triggering sounds. Many people know this condition as selective sound sensitivity syndrome. (Source) People living with misophonia cannot control… Continue Reading