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Misophonia Cognitive Retraining Therapy, as featured on the MTV True Life episode: “I Have Misophonia” premiering Friday, December 16th, 7:00 PM EST. See Clip > Continue Reading

Are you Suffering from any of these symptoms as a result of Misophonia? Call for a Free 15 Minute Consultation. Mild to severe anxiety Rage or Anger Triggered fight or flight Depression Negative thinking Crying spells Hopelessness Suicidal thoughts Avoidance of people or places Moderate to severe anxiety triggered by chewing sounds, including: Nail clipping … Continue Reading

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What are Sound Disorders?

A sound disorder is a communication disorder, which starts showing its symptoms in the early stages of life. Children who start developing the disorder, will develop disfluency in speech and will also struggle in producing some sounds and saying a few words. (Source) People with this disorder struggle to coordinate their tongue, jaw, and lips… Continue Reading

Speech Sound Disorder

Do you or someone you know have a speech sound disorder? If your child is unable to say some words and sounds correct, then he/she must have speech sound disorder. When you speak, you require phonological knowledge. You need your tongue, lips, and jaw to coordinate with your vocal cords and breathing to talk and… Continue Reading

Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome

Selective sound sensitivity syndrome is popularly known as misophonia. You can understand by its name that it is hatred towards selective sounds. These selective sounds are commonly known as trigger sounds. The trigger sounds can be loud, but they are very soft. These days, ASMR videos come across as relaxing and tension releasing. If you… Continue Reading

New Treatments for Misophonia

Are there any new treatments for misophonia? If you dislike everyday sounds, and you unreasonably respond to them, then you might have “misophonia.” “Miso” refers to “Hate” and “Phonia” refers to “Sound.” Misophonia was formerly known as a specific sound syndrome. The researchers say that it is a better name for the disorder because it… Continue Reading

Misophonia Medications

Misophonia is a disorder that is common in 20% population of the world. Misophonia means that you hate certain kinds of sounds and noises. These sounds might want to make you respond in unreasonable ways. The sounds are usually very soft, and they are from your everyday life, but they still may annoy you. (Source)… Continue Reading

Misophonia and Anxiety

What are the relationships between misophonia and anxiety? In simple words, misophonia is hatred towards the sound. If you find everyday sounds annoying like chewing, eating, slurping, a clock ticking, shoe tapping, then you might have misophonia. Many studies show that misophonia is a symptom of anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, other researches show that misophonia is… Continue Reading

Hatred of Sound

Source Do you have a hatred of sound? If you notice that you cannot bear with some sounds, which are normal and are part of daily life, then you might have “Misophonia.” Misophonia is a disorder, which makes some sounds unbearable for you. These sounds may be from daily life and inaudible for many other… Continue Reading

Do Noises Bother You? Misophonia

Source Misophonia is a widespread disorder, which is common amongst 20% of the world’s population. In simple words, misophonia is a disorder that refers to hatred or resentment toward specific sounds. Misophonia was first named ‘Selective Sound Syndrome’ in 1997. Most people say that it is the right name for it because misophonic sound triggers… Continue Reading

Misophonia Diagnosis

Misophonia is a very common disorder around the world. Around 20% of the world population is suffering from misophonia. Around 80% of the misophonia sufferers suffer from the same kind of misophonia. Misophonia, in simple words, is hatred towards everyday life sounds. The sound may or may not be repetitive. One similarity amongst all trigger… Continue Reading