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Are you Suffering from any of these symptoms as a result of Misophonia? Call today for a Consultation. Mild to severe anxiety Rage or Anger Triggered fight or flight Depression Negative thinking Crying spells Hopelessness Suicidal thoughts Avoidance of people or places Moderate to severe anxiety triggered by chewing sounds, including: Nail clipping  Brushing teeth… Continue Reading

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Misophonia: Sounds & Anger

What is the relationship between misophonia and anger?  There are certain complications associated with misophonia that resemble other disorders and conditions. It is a condition in which the affected person has a low tolerance against particular sounds. The sound tends to instigate adverse reactions in the affected person. The reactions may vary, from worry and… Continue Reading

Misophonia & PTSD

When a person suffers from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they might find it difficult to handle the intensity of some sounds. Perhaps they develop phonophobia, which is a fear of sound, or they might get misophonia – an aversion to certain sounds. In this article, we will discuss the relationship between PTSD and… Continue Reading

Latest Developments in the Treatment of Misophonia

What are some of the latest developments in the treatment of misophonia? Do you feel stressed or tense when suddenly someone starts chewing or breathing loudly? Do you feel a lack of control over your reactions upon hearing such sounds? Does hearing someone sniff or snore upset you or make you angry? You may be… Continue Reading

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Misophonia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a popular treatment therapy option that doctors and experts employ for various conditions and psychological issues. This treatment approach shows potential and effectiveness similar to and sometimes more than other psychiatric and psychological therapies. Experts believe that effective CBT treatment can improve functionality and improve life quality. (Source) Clinical practices… Continue Reading

Can Things Other Than Sounds Trigger Misophonia?

Do things other than sounds trigger misophonia? Sure, you might find little noises like the tapping of a pen or loud chewing to be annoying, but what if they made it impossible to focus on anything else? People suffering from misophonia don’t consider these sounds to be annoying but unbearable. Misophonia is a Greek word… Continue Reading

Can Misophonia be Cured?

Are you suffering from and need to know if misophonia can be cured? Are you having trouble tolerating certain sounds? Do sounds like pen tapping, chewing, and other little noises make you angry and violent? If so, you might be suffering from misophonia. Many people experience misophonia, but due to a lack of awareness, people… Continue Reading

Misophonia and Its Relation to Other Disorders

Does Misophonia have any relation to other disorders? Experts don’t classify Misophonia as a psychiatric disorder yet. However, the Misophonia condition implies negative thinking and behavior patterns due to certain sound triggers. Overall, it is a life-changing experience for people with this condition. They cannot freely participate in every activity due to the fear of… Continue Reading

What Does Reddit Have to Say About Misophonia?

What does reddit have to say about misophonia? If you feel like certain sounds trigger an emotional reaction and put you in a fight-or-flight situation, you are not alone. There are hundreds of people on Reddit and other platforms who feel the same way. They also express their anger and dislike after listening to a… Continue Reading

Misophonia Cognitive Center: Treatments for Sound Disorders

What are the main treatments for sound disorders? There can be instances where normal daily sounds like chewing, tapping a pen, or even wagging your feet can cause misophonic reactions in certain people. They are highly intolerant to certain specific sounds and show aggression in response. (Source) It is a highly disturbing and lifestyle-altering mental… Continue Reading