Managing Misophonia at Work

Misophonia at work Misophonia is a complex disorder to comprehend. This is an absurd condition where a sufferer disgusted by certain common noises such as chewing food or clicking a pen. It has been associated with your psychological health because when triggered, a sufferer feels anxiety and in most cases gets enraged. The symptom and condition don’t seem serious, but it can damage the sufferer health in the long run.

Moreover, if you are a misophonia sufferer, dealing with ambient noises must be difficult for you. And if a certain noise triggers your misophonia at work, it must be a troubling condition. In the light of this, here are some useful tips that will help control your misophonia at the office.

Consider Ear Plugs

You can find good quality earplugs that will impede misophonia triggering noise. This device is easy-to-wear and easy-to-carry and can stop every background sound. And you will only need to take them off to interact with people.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Misophonia at workInvesting in noise canceling headphones can save your life. With the help of a magical set of headphones, you can manage your misophonia. Simply wear it and prevent a condition that contributes to your stress and anxiety. For instance, if a chewing sound triggers misophonia in you, you can escape the sound by wearing your noise-canceling headphones during lunch time. This way you can listen to your favorite music and can focus on your work without bothering via an ambient noise.

Take Frequent Short Breaks

This may seem difficult but to manage your misophonia at work without hurting your good ties with co-workers, taking short breaks is necessary. Experts suggest taking a 5-minute break every hour or 10 minutes after two hours. It is essential to relax your mind from the situation that keeps it stressed or anxious.

Sitting at the same for hours and try to control the noise that affects your wellbeing can cause severe psychological problems. Moreover, dealing with the ambient noise in silence can contribute to extreme anger levels as well. Thus, don’t hesitate to take frequent short breaks at work. Go to an open space, stretch and allow your brain to move from constant lights, sounds to silence and tranquility.

Talk to Management

Misophonia at workIf your misophonia has gotten intense and uncontrollable, you need to talk to your management in this regard. This is a serious health condition that you should take precautions for. This is why don’t hesitate and let your supervisors know about your disorder. It is your responsibility to explain to them that a particular sound affects you physically and you need help or else it would worsen your condition. You can also request for rearrangement of your desk –where the noise cannot bother you. Apart from this, you can also talk to the person that causes ambient sound. For instance, if a person has this habit of clicking pen unnecessarily, you can have a polite conversation in this regard.

Bottom Line

Misophonia is associated with your psychological health hence it is dangerous. So, don’t wait and schedule an appointment immediately to get best misophonia treatment in New York.


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