Signs that You Have Misophonia

Sound sensitivity diseaseMisophonia basically, refers to a sound sensitivity disease or in easier words it can be a hatred of sounds. These sounds can include the noise made by a person when they eat, chew, breathe, whistle or yawn. Repetitive noises are quite disturbing for the one suffering from this disease. They not only prove to be painful but can also lead to negative reactions such as anger. These sounds are called trigger noises as they keep on reminding the nervous system.

If you have a mild reaction, you might feel uncomfortable and anxious. Whereas, if your reaction is harsh, it might lead to anger, hatred, rage, fear, and panic. This disease is usually found in children.
Moreover, Misophonia can put restrictions on your social life. These may include eating separately from the family and avoiding restaurants. This is because continuous noises might disturb the person and they may attack the one who is making the sound physically or verbally.

Warning Signs for Misophonia

Let’s have a look at the warning signs that may lead to Misophonia:

  • The most visible sign that can be seen if your child is suffering from Misophonia is that he would show extreme sensitivity towards certain types of sounds. The most disturbing ones are sniffing, breathing, typing, and snoring, etc. Therefore, it is possible that your child will react indifferently.
  • Secondly, when your child hears any sound, it brings out an automatic reaction. This is beyond his/her control, and a clear discomfort and pain can be seen on his/her face. Moreover, these emotional responses can be anger and disgust.
  •  Another thing that you as partners must make sure is that they should take full care of their child if they watch anything like this. You should immediately take action if you witness that your child is trying to escape from the place where a certain sound is made. In most cases, they may run to a place where they are alone.
  • When your child knows that a triggering sound is going to be made, he/she starts taking steps to avoid them. These may include checking for people who are chewing, avoiding certain people, and not going to places where sounds like these may arise. Avoiding meals regularly is the most vital sign that shows that a person is suffering from Misophonia.
  • This issue faced by your child may worsen his reactions all the time. He/she has stopped talking to you and tries to stay away from people as much as possible. If your child is suffering from such disease, you would also get complaints of them from the school. Moreover, this can also lead to another disease, Misokinesias, which refers to the hatred of physical noises made by people around.


Suffering from this disease is seriously dangerous and can lead to other diseases as well. Moreover, you should make sure that you keep your child with you and engaging in regular talks. This would play a major role in this disease being cured.

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